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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


SiCKO is Michael Moore's latest movie that pokes America in the eye and shows its health care system as bad (to cull other adjectives). Moore advocates free universal health care for all.
We have talked about this just recently. What do the pundits say about the movie?
Here is a good review.
For a very favorable review, click this link.
Kenneth Mattox, a world famous cardiac and trauma surgeon, holds forth on the movie:
"First, someone has changed the image of the producer, Michael Moore. Both in the movie and on the publicity talk shows, he is less angry, less hostile, and has 'cleaned up' in speech and appearance since his previous movies and books. He is a producer and was very, very specific in what he wished to create, and he created it. He knew just what he needed to show, what he needed NOT to show, and in what order he needed to show the material."
Mattox asserts that the movie is very superficial and glosses over a potpourri of health care-related issues like education, research, cost of new drugs, etc.
"The producer’s main point throughout the movie and in his final scene was a plea/demand for UNIVERSAL FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL (and he tossed in free day care, free college, and free nanny visits to new Mom’s). This is where I totally part ways with his views and motivations. No service is FREE. He visited 5 countries to prove his point about 'free' care – UK, Canada, France, and Cuba and the US. Both access and quality of care in the UK, Canada, France and Cuba, according to what was presented in this movie, are superb. Furthermore, patients and physicians in these countries could not be happier with their respective systems. Based on this movie, the paperwork hassle factor that both docs and patients deal with in the US is nonexistent in these countries. Also, based on this movie, the cost of all these government provided services is not a hardship on anyone or any group. Not a single person interviewed in any of these countries had a remotely negative thing to say about care, quality or even taxes to support the system. Contrarily, ALL interviews in the US were totally negative – not ONE success story was presented. Hence, my greatest criticism of this movie – bias to the point of deception."
So, ladies and gentlemen, here is another way you can damage your cause: by hypertrophy, by exaggeration, by bias to a point where you think you should take Einstein literally: "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts". Or words to that effect.
My only submission on this subject is to state the stated: there is no free lunch, there is no free universal health care, there is only freedom. The concept should be easy to understand if you look at free speech as a basic right. Yes, you have the right to speak easy, but do you expect the Government to provide you with a free website, a free newspaper, and a free microphone so that it can shut you up from saying "These greedy capitalist industrialists and monopolies are not giving us our free speech"? And a gazillion words to that effect.
Why should anything else be any different?

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