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Sunday, June 10, 2007


The Brits have again shown how hot the global warming issue is, with the World Naked Ride fleshing out the world's present perception of the top-ic. One doesn't quite know if the efforts to reduce climate change included bumming rides for p-assers by on the cycles they rode. These green bikers, on Saturday, rode naked through East Sussex.The London leg began at Hide Park and finished in Willyngton Arch, "a route of about six miles", says a BBC report. One would have thought that the sight of so many people displaying prime, painted meat in public would have sent local temperatures soaring, but the protasstors disagreed. Previously, a similar rally registered their disapproval of the world's need for oil. I agree. I never feel the need for lubricants, myself! The cyclists have their own website and say that "moving needs should be reduced". I always thought being naked increases movement and temperature, but I guess the Brits are cold and stiff! The group is selling, for $25 a piece, T-shirts. What the..? Isn't that a contradicktion? I thought the hole point was to expose the bare truth about the need to stitch in a car-a-van of cyclists who will surely get the booby prize in the race against global warming.
In 2005, these guys stripped, and the oil problem got solved. Gas is so expensive today that I, like many gastroenterologists, treat flatulence free of cost! I propose that we rename petrol as 'nudium' because it is a rare gas (like helium) today! What next: terrorism?

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