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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


In South India, there is a very famous Hindu temple called Guruvayur. A controversy erupted recently in India when a priest of the temple cleaned the premises after a Hindu paid homage to the shrine. Why, pray?
The devotee, a Hindu, was born to a Christian mother, and was the son of a Union Minister, Vayalar Ravi. As this article says, the management has now expressed regret for this, while the priest preaches that he was right in cleaning up because the visitor was of 'impure' breed. I daresay, I am awash in admiration of his pure nuts! I mean, you know what I am getting at, right?

Now, at the same time, I think the Minister's son is acting too spoilt. Does he not know that our temple priests have always acted holier than the Pope? Everyone knows that our ancient rituals are pure, just like bull excreta. Now why should I single out Hinduism alone? Every religion has its holy cows, untouchable in their public sensitivity, sentimental tails, sorry tales, and all.
I see the greatness of every religion as the refusal to admit the nagging questions of the sceptic. Such admirable consistency is to die for, as every beloved, piece-loving al Qaeda fidayeen will vouch. At every point, the answer to each question is stonewalled by the call to faith, and to abandon the senses that normally one uses every day to sidestep the bullshit littering the Indian streets!

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