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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Insalata Caprese

This is one salad to live for. Fresh, hard tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, goat cheese or Mozzarella, basil, salt and pepper, go into this awesome Italian salad. You can learn more here.
You can add just a couple of Spanish capers, pimentos or olives, and I definitely love the taste of toasted cucumber seeds on this. Simply superb!


luigi_md said...

I don't know if the blogspace is more popular among indians or international readers but I must say that as an italian I have been lucky enough to travel to india, and in my 2 months spent in the country I was tempted of having italian food only twice. once in vas in benares...there is a pizzeria at the end of the gath. I was recovernig from some form of enteric disorder (must have been shigella)and it tasted great.I don't think they served caprese which is essentially the ingrediends of a pizza margherita(uncoocked and with out the dough).
the other time it was is mumbai....but I won't even talk about that meal. final comment is:" where do you find the mozzarella in calcutta"?

ciao ramana,


B. Ramana said...

great to hear from you. in today's global village, calcuttans get mozzarella, edam, gouda, emmenthal, and many other cheeses ALL imported from various countries in europe. i personally prefer goat cheese!

Luigi Maria said...

and I bet you can buy it on line and have it delivered on a rig-shaw.
goat cheese is excellent but is more french taste and we would have to call it goat cheese salad....mozzarella, according to experts is done from buffalo-or cow milk (fior di latte), has to be in a cool room, never in the fridge... when I was in kkt I wasn't really paying attention to how globalized it was...I would eat samosa at the station from the vendors (that's why I got sick maybe). next time you take to good places.

B. Ramana said...

Great! Mozzarella, as you rightly say, has to be fresh and consumed in 12 hours. If you are one of those food freaks like me, you must read this article.. I think this article is also very interesting.
An awesome description of the cheese in the latter article is that Genuine, fresh, mozzarella, prepared by evening is ready for consumption the next morning, oozing with freshness and flavour is ideal set upon a hunk of fresh bread. At room temperature it should yield pearls of milky whey (like a lactating nipple) upon slicing, and should squeak when in contact with tooth enamel after which it should melt in the mouth.